Lõmala harbour

Lõmala Harbour

Lõmala Harbour is an exciting pit stop for land and sea travellers alike – a place to take a rest, enjoy a sauna and make the most of the harbour facilities.
The visitor centre can be booked for seminars and get-togethers or simply for rest, relaxation and accommodation.
Currently, an exhibition entitled “Sea fishermen’s way of life” is showcasing the history of coastal fishermen and sea voyages.
The visitor centre is open:
• SUMMER 10:00-19:00 every day (1 June-31 August)
• WINTER 11:00-18:00 on Saturdays (1 September-31 May)

Exhibition tickets: €2, discounted tickets: €1, family tickets: €5
If you only want to visit the exhibition, check beforehand as to whether the building is available.



4. Mai 2017

Summer events

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