About the Harbour

The port is closed to the public in the 2023 season.

In Lõmala harbour, there are two floating quays and a stationary quay with a total of 27 places for vessels. There is also a slip and a shore fortification established. The quays are equipped with water and electricity supply posts. The harbour administrative building includes the harbourmaster’s working premises, WC and a sauna.
The official draft of the port is 1.7 metres (it was dredged to 2.5 m), the width of the fairway is 15 metres and the length is 385 metres.
The harbour is intended for small ships, yachts and fish boats (ships). The maximal length of an accepted vessel is 15 metres, width 3.5 metres and draft 1.7 m.


Lõmala harbour is situated on the West coast of Saaremaa on an old and historic harbour place, protected from winds and hummock ice.

Coordinates 58º 10,4´ and 22º 7,15´